Enhance Your Yoga Practice with the Tibetan Singing Bowl

Enhance Your Yoga Practice with the Tibetan Singing Bowl

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Whether you practice yoga daily, or simply when you need some time and space to release ~ let go ~ and just be ~ we know the Tibetan singing bowl will elevate your yoga experience. 

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Be it at home, outdoors, in your yard, at the park, in nature - the Tibetan singing bowl is the perfect way to end your practice. Playing the Tibetan singing bowl upon finishing my final resting pose has helped me return to the feeling of oneness within. 

We are all connected no matter the time, space, or flow you find yourself in. Know - that energy is continuously moving within and around us. 

The singing bowl reminds us that when we can put all else to the side, taking a moment to focus on our breath, and letting go, ~ all we truly need to do is just ~ be ~

So, be ~ YOU ~ wholly, effortlessly, unapologetically. 

With love and light, Tina Joy 

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