Mind Your Body ~ Mega Mantras ~ Monday

Mind Your Body ~ Mega Mantras ~ Monday 

Ruminating on the past leads to depression. • Worrying about the future leads to anxiety. • Being present in the moment leads to peace ☮️.

Ask yourself today, how can I let go • release • just be? Here + now.

Take a moment to be mindful of where you are in the present moment, take a breath, and release. It’ll all be okay.

Give yourself some grace • be kind to yourself • practice patient with yourself 🤍. We dedicate so much time, effort, and patience for our loved ones, however, oftentimes forget to give ourselves that same energy.

Be there for you today, if only just for a moment.

Breathe in ~ let go ~ release.

Just be.

With love + light,

Tina Joy, The Yoga Nutritionist

wearing: Iuga tank -

+ aloyoga airlift legging - link n/a. 

Iuga short - great for at-home practice!

The Iuga tanks are on par with alo yoga and Lululemon and can be purchased for a fraction of the cost. The quality in my opinion, is better than some products found on comparable yoga sites. The fabric of the Iuga tank is slightly thicker in nature, and the bra cups stay put in the wash!

The Iuga tanks and shorts are well-made, quality pieces, at an affordable price. They'll withstand numerous washes overtime and are definitely worth adding to your yoga wear / fitness attire.

Please note the tanks runs small; I wear a M in Iuga, whereas I opt for a 4 in Lulu and S in Alo. The Iuga short however, runs true to size.

The shorts are made with super soft fabric [on par with aloyoga's - alosoft collection]. Perfect for your at-home practice. 

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