Mindful Monday’s

Mindful Monday’s

Mindful Monday’s 🧘‍♀️💟

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"Whatever age you are today, your future self would love to be it.

Most people do not consider 65 to be a young age... but when you're 75, you'd love to rewind to 65 and regain those years. Few people would describe 35 as your youth, but in your mid-50s your mid-30s will seem like the "young you."

Today is a great opportunity, no matter your age. Looking back in a few years, today will seem like the time when you were young and full of potential or the moment when you could have started early or the turning point when you made a choice that benefited your future.

The moment in front of you right now is a good one. Make the most of it."


Question For You

What is one previous habit I'd like to reclaim?

What is one current habit I'd like to let go?

- James Clear, Author of the #1 NYT bestseller Atomic Habits.

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