Two Trusted Yoga Mats for Your At-Home or On-the-Go Yoga Practice

Two Trusted Yoga Mats for Your At-Home or On-the-Go Yoga Practice

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Manduka - Extra Non-Slip Grip - great for warm climates and humid temperatures!

The Manduka mat is one-of-a-kind!!! 

Because of it's unique structure and super non-slip grip, you can rest assured, this mat will work with you to keep accidents at bay. As always, "Mind Your Body," and mindfully move through each and every flow. 

Available in 8 shades and 3 sizes, the Manduka mat conveniently folds up and fits perfectly in your carry-on luggage or duffle bag. It is quite literally, ready to tag along with you on any trip, holiday, or adventure you take next!

We love the Manduka mat and know you will too!


 manduka yoga mat


Gaiam - a known and trusted brand in the yoga community, delivers a mat available in a multitude of colors, along with extra cushioning for support.


gaiam yoga mat


Yogis of all ages and experience can rest assured this mat will provide you with the support necessary to either - flow first thing in the morning, or keep going throughout a 90min practice later in the day! 

Reasonably priced for beginners or seasoned practitioners, looking for a fresh mat to practice on. 

Gear up with the Gaiam mat today.  

gaiam yoga mats

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