Yoga Warm-Up • Wednesday ~ with Tina Joy, The Yoga Nutritionist

Yoga Warm-Up • Wednesday ~ with Tina Joy, The Yoga Nutritionist

Yoga Warm-Up • Wednesday ~ with Tina Joy, The Yoga Nutritionist

Welcome to Wellness/Warm-Up ~ Wednesday! ✨

Take a moment to release • let go • just be ~ with this vinyasa-style yoga warm-up.

***excuse, the voice-over not being 100%. originally, this was meant to be uploaded as a yoga warm-up with no sound, as I did not cue this free-flow warm-up.

I later decided I would re-visit this video and create a voice-over, which was filmed once, and that was it. no edits.

personally, I suggest flowing with the voice-over, as it is much easier to follow. this flow was filmed on a morning I had a lot of energy, and was moving through fairly quickly... hence, yoga being a wonderful practice to ease your body out of any stress/anxiety you may be experiencing.***

remember, giving yourself JUST 10 MIN/a day, TRULY becomes a gift to your body. you will feel LIGHTER and more RELAXED as you take on your day. although, some days are better than others, yoga has helped me ease through trials and tribulations I've faced, and I am confident it can help you too! give yourself the gift of yoga - hopefully, at least once a week!

life is hard, but it gets better. give yourself the time and space necessary, to allow yourself to feel the emotions that come up, and the pain and suffering - and let yourself flow through them, as you release these emotions, finding a sense of inner peace.

and remember, although it may feel as though your pain is never-ending, you may feeeeeel as though there is no end in sight - settle your mind down by taking a deep breath. the pain will wash away and a better day is sure to greet you, after a restful, night's sleep. sounds corny I know, but let's just say, I know from experience. and I wasn't always this "at-ease" or "positive." it took a long time for me to find my own value and self-worth, and I can now stand confidently, with the inner-knowing that YOU CAN and YOU WILL, achieve all you've set out to accomplish.

if no one's told you today, I LOVE YOU.

and I say all this to say, I didn't always love me, hence why I allowed others' to take advantage of my kindness and walk all over me. not anymore, baebeeee! we're here and we're here for the long-haul. SHINE BRIGHT. and watch the hate fall to the wayside. MOVE, get out the way, hehe, for those who know me, KNOW this is my attitude in life. Gucci Mane said it best, "you're either with me, or against me, or you're IN MY WAY." you decide where ppl stand in your journey, your path, your LIFE. and delegate accordingly. ALL LOVE.

sometimes you have to move through the fire, to appreciate the rain. this just came to me as I wrote this... it may or not be. a quote ?.. but if it's not already taken, make sure you credit me!


- Tina Joy, The Yoga Nutritionist - 3.29.2023 ~ 4am thoughts. 


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